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Level 1

Develop your training skills along with your understanding of dog psychology.

In this class, you'll learn how to improve your communication with your dog and teach them 12 foundational behaviors, leading to easier management and the development of key skills for more advanced behaviors.

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Level 2

You and your dog are on the road to becoming a working team. In this section, we'll learn advanced obedience behaviors that will help manage the dog when out in public. We will also continue to develop our alerting skills

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Public Access

Preparing for the Public Access Test and CGC

In this class, we'll learn all about the public access laws, behavior standards, how to help your dog feel confident in all sorts of settings,

how to deal with people, bot friendly and hostile and prepare for the Public Access Test

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Level 3

You've made it to the final level. Congratulations!

This course focusses on teaching you how to train your dog fro some of the most advanced behaviors and skills that will help with your disability.

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Puppy Coaching

Socializing your puppy

You just got a puppy and would like to start off on the right foot!

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